9U & 11U 

2018 9U & 11U Badgers

These two groups of boys and girls were a mixture of beginner, intermediate, and veteran youth players. Like all first year teams we had our struggles, with chemistry being our toughest challenge. But with hard work, dedication and exceptional coaching from Steven (9u), Billy (9u), Joe (11u), Mike (11u), Sergio, and Rafael, we overcame all obstacles and formed a bond of togetherness that all teams need.  

Though we fell short of our goal of winning a championship last season, we didn't walk away empty handed. We were able to gain the respect and trust of our coaches, players, and teamates, and with those two accomplishments, we believe we're already champions!

New Addition

Prior to the upcoming 2019 season, the Oklahoma Badgers Corporation will be offering  7 on 7 flag football this spring. This will give our players a headstart on learning the fundamentals of the game and/or elevating their current skill level. 

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